Relationship Talking: Winning Presentations and Meetings The Science and The Strategy


In today's business environment, presenting information in a manner that is succinct, informative and dynamic is more important than ever. The competition for winning and maintaining client (existing and prospective) relationships is more intense because products alone are not enough to set your organization apart. .

Benefits laden and engaging presentations are critical to ensure a positive ROI and ROR for your clients

Professionals will leave this session with a full appreciation and understanding of:

picture■ Understanding the adult buyer/audience
■ The dynamics of change and what change has to do with   effective   presentations
■ Engaging in "Conscious Communications"
■ The 3 C's of effective and memorable facilitation and     presentations
■ The diverse audience
■ The use of confident vs. passive word choices
■ How to say "No positively" vs. "positively NO!"
■ The development of effective presentation and supporting     materials.